Game Dev North


The networking event for the North West UK game industry!




Founded by Samuel Mottershaw

Co-Hosted by Project Static, Paw Print Games, White Paper Games and Greenfly Studios

It’s quite simple really, we invite the all the game industry to come and have a drink, talk to one another and win a few prizes.

We do have a focus on the north west, but don’t let that deter you!

It’s been great so far, the sense of rebuilding the game developer community around the north west has really grown fast it seems that it was something that people wanted to see happen!

We’ve all made good contacts, had fun times and dare I say it made some friends.

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Game Dev North 3

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Game Dev North 4

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Attendee Posts

Project Static (April) and Project Static (May)

Paw Print Games

White Paper Games

Kurt Willoughby (Audio Guy)

Greenfly Studios – Game Dev North 3  – Greenfly Studios – Game Dev North 4


Tim L. Ceesay



Just after Develop Liverpool I was amazed to find so many north west companies like Paw Print Games and White Paper Games were right on my doorstep and I didn’t even know! Eager to meet everyone again I had a look for the next conference/meet up but couldn’t really find anything other than NW Indies which had gone into a bit of hitaus.

So I thought to myself, “I’ve met a lot of people, I have contacts. I’ll just start my own meet up!” and so I emailed a ton of people, picked a pub and off I went.

The first meet up had four people, me, Project Static and Glynn from GloLquid. It wasn’t quite exploding, but it didn’t put us off and we did it again! This time with eventbrite and this happened: Northen Game Talkery Time 2

We didn’t have the name quite down at the time, as I looked at other events like Bit of Alright and Wild Rumpus with their funky names but couldn’t find anything, ended up settling on “Game Dev North” as a shortened version of “Game Developer Meet Up North West”, it’s quite catchy now.

So at that one we had a table, about 15 people came along and had a great time.

The next one though was where everything changed.

We started up the next one, with a twitter account and all expecting to get about 30 people as we steadily built the event up.

Then suddenly it exploded, we had over 90 people sign up for the third event! We had to change the venue twice to accommodate.

After that we got our first sponsors who were Sheridans and Greenfly Studios, from there we’ve grown and grown.

We recently started up Game Dev North – Leeds and Game Dev North – Midlands to give everyone in those areas our idea of fun.

Samuel Mottershaw is a game writer and now apparently a event organiser, why not ask him to do things for you?